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Julian Orzabal

Occupation - Vocalist Lyricist
Star Sign - Aquarius - Leo Rising
Age - It's just a number, Ive met young 60 year olds and decrepid 30 year olds
Instruments Played - Guitar Occasionally
Best Job  - Lipstick roadie for the Pussycat Dolls
Previous bands - The Howling Sheep, Blue Meanies, De:La:Q
Musical Influences - Paul Simon, The Kinks, Queen, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Chas and Dave and many many more

"I first met Dion in a pub in bath, it was a group meeting organised by a Tears for Fears fan group.  We were all supposed to meet before going to a gig at the Recreation Ground where Tears were supposed to be playing.  Sadly the gig was cancelled but we all met up anyway.  Folks from all over the world, Brazil Europe and the USA.  Dion and I got chatting and he told me he played a bit of guitar (which was an outright lie, he plays a lot of guitar and plays it very well).  I said I needed a couple of guitar solos for a project I was working on.  A week or so later he sent me the solos and they were great.  He then asked me to write some lyrics on a tune he had and I obliged.  That was the start of Libre Stone."


 Dion Smith

Occupation - Guitarist
Star Sign - Cancer
Age - Can't remember
Instruments Played - Guitar, synths, and programming
Best Job  - Musician
Previous bands - Mercury Rain, D-I-O-N
Musical Influences - Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, Gary Moore, Blue Murder, Savatage, Dokken

"Meeting up with Julian was exactly how he's described and I was really keen to collaborate with him  once I got to hear some of his music.  It soon became clear to me that Julian had written and recorded some great songs and I very was impressed in particular with with his voice and lyrical abilities.  After talking more about music we decided to write and record more songs together which eventually lead to our first  EP release "Wrecking Ball".  We continued to write and realised the more we worked together the easier the process became and the better the songs were.  So we decided to write a full album of material and we continued to write enough material for a second album.  We also had the opportunity to work with other first class musicians which helped bring the Mark Of Cain songs to something we are both really proud of."

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